AISTOR is an innovative artificial intelligence controlled lithium-ion based smart storage system with a size of 0-2 KW for residences, public buildings and offices for power outages, especially for disaster (earthquakes, flood and fire risks) management and rescue purposes. AISTOR; It is an artificial intelligence energy storage and management system that provides energy and management needed in emergency situations such as power failure, earthquake, flood and fire in homes, offices and hospitals. Compared to existing products, AISTOR is much cheaper, modular, more efficient and has remote control with embedded AI-based decision-making capabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Why should I use Home Energy??

It stores renewable energy during the day in places where there is no mains energy and uses the energy of the house from renewable energy. At night, the energy needed by the house is provided by the battery within the home energy.

2. How does Home Energy work? How does it charge?

It works depending on the network. Renewable energy can be connected if available. Renewable energy is used primarily and recharges the home energy battery and provides the energy of the house. If renewable energy is not sufficient, grid energy is used. When the mains are cut, all of the energy is supplied from the home energy battery.

3. How to get attached to the house?

It is serially connected to the network line coming to the house. Home Energy is fitted with a fuse box. The fuse box both provides protection and thanks to the switch on it, Home Energy is canceled in any case and direct use of the grid is provided. For the device connection with the fuse box, see the diagram.

4. How is it different from traditional UPS devices?

Basically, the UPS ensures that only one or a few devices operate without interruption during power outages. Home Energy, on the other hand, provides all the total energy needed by the house, office and workplace for a much longer period of time. Capacity increase, remote control, monitoring are possible. While you can use the traditional UPS for 1-2 years, it is possible to use Home Energy, which is a lithium technology, for up to 15 years.